Here are some of the most common questions asked. Click on any to know the answer.

Can we stop on the way to buy some groceries for our stay?

Yes, however that service is only available on Private units, and it has an extra charge, depending if you opt for a 30 or 60 minutes stop, you may find this service before reaching the payment step, where you may add some extras like this one.

How do I recover my voucher?

Simply search on your mailbox for our confirmation email which should come from domain caboairporttransfer.com, that email is actually your voucher, or you may use your confirmation code and your lastname, and enter it at the My reservation section, also listed on the top menu.

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I need to cancel my reservation, what should I do and what is the allowed time window?

Enter the My reservation section, using your confirmation code and your lastname, you may see your reservation details, at the bottom of that information, there is an option to cancel your reservation and get a refund if done at least 48 hours prior to your arrival. If you don't see that option, it means your reservations does not apply for cancellation anymore, however, you may reschedule it to up to 6 months later! just make sure you do it before the arrival time.

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I prefer privacy and not waiting, may I upgrade my shuttle to a private unit?

Yes that is possible, 48 hours or more prior to your arrival, at the My reservation section, locate your reservation using your confirmation code and your lastname, then select the Upgrade option, select the new unit you require, and you will be able to pay for the difference using your credit card. The rest is on us!

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What happens if my flight is delayed?

Don't worry about that, our traffic team will know when your flight will arrive, and make sure the unit is there for you, however, if you change your flight, it is important that you let us know.

Who will operate my ride?

We are not one single transportation company, we are a group of travel operators working with multiple suppliers, recruited as the best for your needs. So in simple words, we have the largest supply for any transfers demand and we will ensure the most suitable unit is used for your ride.

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